Project 365, 2015 (days 11-17)

Day 11 / January 11th
Another ‘I forgot to take a photo today’ photo. A bit of bed time reading of ‘She’ by a lovely friend Annabel Fanning.


Day 12 / January 12th
The boys playing after an early morning wake up, yawn!


Day 13 / January 13th
I finally joined Slimming World today – I hope to be well on my way to my target weight by this time next year!


Day 14 / January 14th
N has finally outgrown his infant carrier (he’s a big boy, weight & height wise) – so time for a big boy seat! Sob, my baby boy is growing too quick.


Day 15 / January 15th
Brinner today, Slimming World style. I’m still not sure how people can eat like this and lose weight, but I’ve seen it happen!


Day 16 / January 16th
Hubby & I were at the dentist today and we left J with Grandad and took N with us – he’s easier to handle at the minute! He has a ‘thing’ where he crawls a bit then has a lie down.


Day 17 / January 17th
Two photos today as I couldn’t choose between the two! I’ve been unwell today so I was resting on the sofa and the boys decided to give Mummy loves, so we had some photos – I love their cheesy grins!


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