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If you’re a regular reader then you will know that I’m quite an avid baker. Now if I was to let you into a little secret, it might be that I don’t always bake everything from scratch… I know! Also, J gets baking kits bought for him occasionally so we do those too. One of our favourite brands is Betty Crocker. Oh, now I’m writing about baking I really just want to eat some cake… Anyway, I digress!

For my blogaversary giveaway #3 I have a bundle of Betty Crocker baking goodies to offer you (not necessarily what is pictured) – just fill in the Rafflecopter below and off you go! Good luck!

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Blogaversary giveaways
Giveaway #1 – £10 Amazon voucher. 
Giveaway #2 – a code for a set of PicStick photo magnets.
Giveaway #3 – a Betty Crocker bundle.
Giveaway #4 – Infacare bath time bundle
Giveaway #5 – RESCUE Remedy & RESCUE Night bundle
Giveaway #6 – Organix weaning bundle

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  1. I haven't used Betty Crocker before, I would love to try one of the cake mixes & some of the decorating products to make a looking forwards to what the new year has in store for us cake xxx

  2. yes i have used them before and i would like to try the sunny lemon cake thankyou

  3. I like the cookie mix great for the kids to use

  4. I've used their icing, but never tried their cake mixes. The Apple and Cinnamon Tray Bake Mix looks yummy.

  5. not tried them yet, the chocolate fudge cake looks yummy though

  6. i've only used the buttercream icing and that was a hit with the kids

  7. I love Betty Crocker too, great for keeping in the cupboard for some quick baking with the kids! We love the devils food cake or the carrot cake mixes and the icing pots are fab too! Yummmmm, I actually have one to make and now I want cake haha

  8. I have used a few of the Betty Crocker cake mixes as they are quick and easy to make with my children! We particularly enjoy the classic vanilla cake! We have also made cookies too from her mixes! Yummy!

  9. the chocolate fudge buttercream

  10. I have tried a few – they are great. THe Devil's Food Cake Mix Red Velvet Cake Mix sounds good!


  11. ive tried the chocolate fudge cake i love them as they are so easy to use

  12. I love the Carrot Cake….So tasty! Especially with the Cream Cheese Icing 🙂

  13. I really like the Betty Crocker stuff, I like to use their cream cheese icing 🙂

  14. I normally buy the supermarket own versions for the kids to bake, but I would love to be able to pass off the red velvet cake as my own handy work!!!!!

  15. Red velvet sounds lush!

  16. I haven't used any Betty Crocker products before but would love to try

  17. I used to use the choc fudge cake and the fudge icing to make cake pops

  18. Chocolate Brownies YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

  19. I have used the sunny lemon cake mix before it is delightful, I would love to try all the cake mixes but especially the Red Velvet.

  20. I haven't tried their mixes before but the brownies look fab!

  21. I haven't tried Bettry Crocker before – but the tray bakes look yummy 🙂

  22. I use the Betty Crocker all the's great!

  23. Traditional Pancake Mix Family Pack

  24. i havent tried them before but i would like to try the Red Velvet Cake Mix

  25. i make the devils food cake loads.
    so yummy

  26. Yes I have used the traditional pancake mix

  27. yes a few different things

  28. red velvet cake.It's delicious

  29. The apple pies look good

  30. I use the Betty Crocker vanilla frosting on most of my Birthday Cakes

  31. A fabulous reason to make some delicious cakes.

  32. I haven't used Betty Crocker before x

  33. chocolate fudge icing

  34. Oh wow fab giveaway. Love Betty Crocker stuff! ♥

  35. Have'nt tried them but chocolate fudge cake sounds yummy.

  36. I use the butter creams all he time for my cupcakes they're amazing

  37. Never used them before but would love to try the Chocolate Brownies

  38. Never tried them before, often eyed them up in supermarket especially chocolate brownies or devils food cake

  39. I haven't unfortunately but I would like to try them!

  40. I haven't used yet but would love to try me and my daughter love to bake

  41. My young daughter helped me make the chocolate fudge cake and it was delicious.

  42. ive used the icings which are so much easier and the vanilla frosting is delicious

  43. I haven't used Betty Crocker products before, but would love to try the Red Velvet cake mix

  44. ive only ever used the choc fudge icing – delish!

  45. Classic Vanilla Cake Mix, is a firm favourite of mine.

  46. Never tried Betty's range before love to try them out.

  47. no i haven't but i've heard it's pretty good stuff


  49. Chocolate fudge cake is a favourite

  50. Chocolate fudge cake – no hesitation 🙂

  51. I haven't used Betty Crocker before and I really need to remedy that with the carrot cake mix!

  52. Love the chocolate fudge cake one – a friend told me her "secret" after me raving how wonderful her chocolate cake was. Perfect results every time 🙂

  53. I love the red velvet cake mix

  54. the lemon cake sounds great

  55. ♥ Sunny Lemon Cupcakes ♥

  56. I have never used Betty Crocker products before. I must lookout for the cake mixes next time I'm shopping.

  57. I haven't used Betty Crocker but I fancy the lemon cake

  58. I have tried them previously, the Chocolate fudge cake is delicious!

  59. I have used the cake mix and its divine ! I want to #WIN !

  60. We have tried the devil's food cake mix which was really nice!

  61. I love their death my chocolate mix

  62. I love the Devil's Food Cake mix

  63. I've only ever used their cake mixes and biscuit mixes. Our fave is chunky white choc cookies

  64. I have only ever tried the pancake mix before (which was very good).

  65. Yes used lots – favourite is the Sunny Lemon cake mix

  66. I love the red velvet cake mix

  67. The bundle is fantastic, the first thing I will make is a Chocolate Fudge cake for my Mum's birthday.

  68. I've used the chocolate cake mix a while ago and it was very tasty

  69. we love the Betty Crocker cake mixes 🙂

  70. I love making their devils food cake mix. NOM NOM

  71. We have made betty crocker cakes

  72. I think I'e used Betty Crocker a long time ago, when my children were little. I might try their pancake mix

  73. I've used the Buttercream Icing! Yummy!
    Helen booth

  74. Pam Francis Gregory

    Vanilla Buttercream Style Icing

  75. I've not used before, but would like to try the Red Velvet cake mix.
    Victoria B

  76. The chocolate fudge buttercream.

  77. I love the carrot cake with the vanilla frosting. Amazing!!

  78. Buttercream Icing (yummy)

  79. I have used a few of the Betty Crocker range and love the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix – they always turn out fab

  80. first time we made one was on christmas eve my 12 year old used the Devil's Food cake mix the choclate cake was amazing

  81. we have we love the cookie mix 🙂

  82. Yes I have chocolate fudge yum! and the buttercream

  83. I have not used them before but the brownies look fab.

  84. I usually make all my own but would love to try Betty Crocker when I'm short of time

  85. I use Betty Crocker cake mixes regularly. We love the Red Velvet cake and the Brownies.

  86. Our favourite is the white chocolate cookies, they are absolutely delicious!

  87. I haven't used them but the apple and cinnamon looks lovely

  88. I haven't tried them but the cake mixes look great for baking with the children

  89. Have never used these products before but just started baking.

  90. I have used the Chocolate Fudge icing. That is my favourite product of theirs.

  91. I love Betty Crocker products, Ive used the different icings and the cake decorations, I also like the satchets of cocoa power they doo, there's just the right amount in each one. Ive not used the cake mixes but my grand daughter love using them with their Dad.

  92. I love to bake – so this is my dream prize.

  93. Yes, we use them often. The icings and cake decorations are our main purchases.

  94. I've not used them before but would love to try the cake recipes!

  95. I've used the chocolate fudge brownie mix it was good!

  96. Tried quite a few and have never been dissapointed

  97. I would love to try them x

  98. I have used quite a lot of them. The chocolate brownie mixes are our favourites especially the fudge one.

  99. I have tired the chocolate chip cookies, very nice 🙂 x

  100. i love the Devils food cake mix as its delicious and very naughty

  101. I've been a fan of Betty Crocker since the 1960's when my American Uncle bought them at the PX on the US airbase at Greenham Common and my Auntie baked them for us kids. To this day , nothing beats them for flavour and moistness.

  102. my daughter loves to bake but at 14 she is still learning and these are the best for her because you can get evrythingbrill liked and shared you need
    but the red velvet is our fave

  103. ll Betty Crocker mixes, and use them above any others the Chocolate and Orange Swirl cake is my favorurite its just delicous

  104. I have never baked a Betty Crocker cake – but would love to try one

  105. I have never used Betty Crocker products but am looking forward to trying them. xx

  106. Yes, I use some Betty Crocker products – I use the ready made icing (the chocolate buttercream one is excellent) but stay away from the kits as they are definitely cheating – somehow the icing isn't! lol

  107. Devils food cake totally amazing and so easy

  108. i have made a chocolate fudge cake before and it was lush

  109. Yes, i have used the icing tubs before. Choc chip cookie mix looks good

  110. no never used it but would love to 🙂

  111. yes i have used them before my kids favourite is the choc fudge cake

  112. The double chocolate was a real hit, had to stop doing them 'cos we kept eating them……….

  113. ♡♡♡ Red velvet cupcake mix ♡♡♡
    ♡♡♡ anyone who hasn't tried red velvet cake you don't know what you're missing!♡♡♡

  114. Chocolate Fudge Buttercream is delicious!

  115. yes i have used betty crocker before the choc fudge cake is amazing

  116. The choc fudge cake is my fave
    Kate johnson

  117. This is my favourite range of cake mixes, always get fab results when i use these xx

  118. I made the most wonderful devils food cake from Betty Crocker which i bought in New York but haven't ever got my hands on it here!

  119. I LOVE Betty Crocker… I always use their Chocolate Fudge Cake mix and icing for baking tasty cakes 🙂 xxxx

  120. Use them a lot, and always brilliant. The chocolate chip cookies are a big favourite when baking with my little granddaughters.

  121. Yes I have used them and loved the fudge cake

  122. Used several products before, always had a good result

  123. I volunteer for the BHF and the cake from Betty Crocker went down the best was the chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting!!! But looking on the website I have to make the double choc tray bake!!!

  124. I've used a betty crocker mix before as I'm a bit disastrous when left to my own devices, always get a better result with a bit of help 🙂 my fave is the food of the devil……. the chocolate cake! mmmmm although I'm currently suffering with gestational diabetes so none of this until after April for me 🙂

  125. No i haven't used them for a long time, but looking at the comments i think i should try

  126. I've used a mix before and it was amazing!!! It was a cupcake mix but I'd love to try the Blueberry Muffin Mix 🙂

  127. Carroll Marsh. I Have never tried Betty's stuff before,because I have always made cakes from scratch!!But after reading all the nice comments I would love to try them and save myself some precious time for a change!!Best wishes Angel I love to read your blogs!!X

  128. I have used them before, mainly the buttercream style icing as it makes for a quick cake. Would love to try the brownie mixes.

  129. I haven't tried them before but would like to try the brownies.

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