Project 365 – Week 52 (days 355 – 365)

Day 355 / December 21st
Little man N going for a jaunt in his car walker – which J also still likes to climb inside!

Day 356 / December 22nd
I did some Christmas baking today and made shortbread – I’m pleased that my stamped shortbread held!

Day 357 / December 23rd
Today I finally got around to decorating the Christmas cake – I’ve been wanting to do this design for a couple of years and I finally got around to it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I rather love it!

Day 358 / December 24th
When J returned home from nursery, the boys opened their Christmas Eve sacks that Buddy left. J was excited though sad that Buddy had left.

Day 359 / December 25th
On Christmas morning we opened our stockings in bed before heading to the living room to open gifts. N took a liking to this caterpillar straight away.

Day 360 / December 26th
Christmas Day number 2 and the boys got Gruffalo sets from Nanna. I think N looks adorable!

Day 361 / December 27th
It snowed last night and we woke up to a covering of the white stuff! It didn’t last long though.
Day 362 / December 28th
My poor baby has been suffering a slight Christmas cold & cough but it got worse today, so snuggles on Mummy. I think it might have something to do with that pesky tooth poking through too!

Day 363 / December 29th
We had a Christmas treat tonight and a child free night at Damon’s Lincoln, so we made the most of the half price cocktails!

Day 364 / December 30th
A quick visit to my brother-in-law after shopping, and N discovered himself in the mirror.

Day 365 / December 31st
A quiet New Year’s Eve night in with the hubby and some party food courtesy of Tesco Orchard and hubby’s M&S voucher from work.
Happy New Year!
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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 52 (days 355 – 365)

  1. Love the Gruffalo hat pic. So cute.

    And the shortbread stamps are great. I've just bought an 'Eat me' one, so hopefully that'll be as good too

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