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Nine months old. My youngest baby is now three-quarters of a year old. I don’t like it. He is growing up way too quick! He is developing quicker than J did too (I think he was just a lazy baby) which makes it seem faster I think.

I finally made it to baby clinic to get him weighed and he now weighs 24 lb 1 oz which means he’s only put on not even a couple of pounds in the last couple of months. Like I thought, now he’s moving around a lot more he’s leveling out a little bit. Though he’s still my chunky monkey as he’s in some 12-18 month clothes! He’s still on the same amount of bottles that he was in his last update, so 3 x 6 oz (sometimes 4 if he wakes in the night). He is also still loving his food and he eats practically everything. The only thing he’s really spat out is cucumber.

He really is developing his own little personality now and is such a cheeky monkey. He’s going through a raspberry blowing phase again, but he’s also started pinching and scratching, ouch! He’s learned how to give kisses now – when you pucker up and say give me a kiss, he opens up his mouth and then leans in and kind of sucks your lips, it’s so blimmin’ cute! He’s so snuggly & soft, I could snuggle him all day long. He’s still being a diva though and hates having his nappy changed or sitting still to get dressed, and I often have to do it on my knee so he can’t move far!

He’s been waking up a few times in the night recently, I think it’s because of his teething as sometimes he will cry for quite a while before he settles down again. Talking of teeth – we finally have some – TWO to be exact! They came through just before he turned nine months. It’s not the usual two lower central incisors though, it’s his lower left incisor and his lower left lateral incisor, so he looks a bit quirky at the minute – still beautiful though!

He’s a non stop crawler now and I can’t keep up with him, it’s like he ‘run crawls’ and he’s so fast! He’s pulling himself up on absolutely everything too and is often falling down and bumping himself, he’s already had a couple of bruises; I think I’m going to have to watch him more than J! He’s started cruising around the sofas too and if we’re sat eating he will move between us like a little dog! He stands up holding our hands and depending how brave he’s feeling, will take a couple of steps. He’s going to be walking unaided much sooner than J was.

He’s always stealing J’s toys which gets J really frustrated and I really have to watch them and never leave them alone just in case. I can see me having to double up on a few toys, though I’m sure they’ll still steal the same things! N is starting to ‘get his own back’ on J now, when J is having his nappy changed N crawls up to him and starts pulling his hair and smacking him in the face – this also frustrates J and we’ve had to start telling N that it’s naughty, even though he doesn’t really understand at the minute, but maybe it will help him learn from a younger age!

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