Elf on the Shelf adventures (day 1)

So it’s the beginning of December (yay!), and a new tradition I wanted to introduce this year was the ‘Elf on the Shelf’. I’d seen people doing it last year and was really excited to see what all of the elves were getting up to, so as J is a bit older this year I decided to go for it! I didn’t buy an official elf on the shelf though, as I think they look just a little bit freaky – you know, like they might actually come off the shelf and kill me…or something. Instead, we purchased an elf ‘kit’ from a supermarket with a much cuter looking elf who we’ve named Buddy! (Can you tell what one of my favourite Christmas films is?..)

This morning – 1st December – Buddy arrived with a letter for the boys and served us up a North Pole breakfast. The breakfast consisted of Christmas tree & snowman crumpets, snowman pancakes, snowballs, and reindeer poo! It was yummy but I couldn’t eat it every day in the North Pole as I felt a bit sick afterwards.

At 9 months old, N isn’t really aware and all he wanted to do was eat, but when J walked in the room and saw breakfast set out and Buddy sat on the table, he was a bit wary and took some encouraging to get sat at the table! I asked him if he wanted to say hello to Buddy and he said “No, back on the shelf!” – he knows where he belongs then! He started coming around though, hopefully they’ll be the best of friends by the time Buddy goes back to the North Pole. 
Join us soon for more adventures with Buddy!

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