Project 365 – Week 48 (days 327 – 333)

Day 327 / November 23rd
All N wants to do now he’s on the move, is stand up – he keeps getting himself up on here then crying for us to get him down!

Day 328 / November 24th
I did a big Tassimo order to stock up, and I sorted them out today (I know they’re upside down but it’s so they don’t fall out because most of them open from putting in the jars!). My favourites are a caramel latte macchiato or chai latte – what’s yours?

Day 329 / November 25th
Came across J’s old Christmas hat today so decided to try it on N – I think it’s a bit small!

Day 330 / November 26th
I finally spotted N’s first tooth poking through today!

Day 331 / November 27th
J & I had some quality playing time whilst N had his nap. He wanted to do some building today (but he decides to tip his blocks all over the room first, of course).

Day 332 / November 28th
With the struggles we are having with J at the minute, I really treasure these moments between the boys.

Day 333 / November 29th
Our wooden advent calendar from Hobbycraft is finally ready to go, just need to fill it now!

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