National Teething Week 2014 #teethingweek

I don’t know about you, but in this house we are in the midst of teething. N’s teeth still aren’t through yet but they are very close to coming, though they’re not actually bothering him too much at the minute; he just chews his fist a lot and everything goes into his mouth. I’m not sure his first one will arrive by the end of this week though which also happens to be the first ever National Teething Week which is sponsored by Camilia Oral Solution, the homeopathic experts in teething.

Two in three infants aged 3 months to 30 months are affected by teething and with the process being long & drawn out, it is often frustrating for both children & parents. National Teething Week 2014 runs from 17-23 November, and it aims to help new parents recognise the symptoms of teething and advise them on ways to limit the amount of discomfort their baby or toddler may be having. Through informative discussion, advice and content, National Teething Week will aim to educate and aleviate and concerns that parents may have.

Camilia are also sharing some useful tips to identify teething and help with it. You can find these tips and information on the other activities happening during the week over on the National Teething Week website – there are also a few chances to win some fab goodies

You can keep up with the conversation during the week over on Twitter by following the #teethingweek hashtag.

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