Project 365 – Week 40 (days 271 – 277)

Day 271 / September 28th
8.30pm and I’d finally finished hubby’s cake for his birthday tomorrow. There was something inside it…

Day 272 / September 29th
…a pinata cake! I wasn’t 100% pleased with this but everyone else seemed to like it!

Day 273 / September 30th
J decided to be a cat today and lie on the back of the sofa.

Day 274 / October 1st
N had malt loaf for the first time – I think he liked it!

Day 275 / October 2nd
I told J to bring one or two books to read, but he must have misheard me… (And then proceeded to throw them all over the floor).

Day 276 / October 3rd
N attempted to feed himself with a spoon for the first time today. Needless to say more cereal ended up on the floor than in his mouth!

Day 277 / October 4th
J has recently discovered that walking around in his tunnel whilst hunched over is quite a fun thing to do…

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 40 (days 271 – 277)

  1. LOVE your pinata cake – i bet your hubby did too? hope so after all your hard work. your youngest looks at lot like you – love his messy food face x

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