A to Z of Family – L is for Learning

Learning. Every day, we are learning. We encourage ourselves to learn, we encourage our children to learn.

Being a parent is a journey full of learning. Even before you become a parent, you go to classes to learn how to be a parent – but can you really learn something that is supposed to come naturally? There is no ‘one book fits all’ in the world of parenting.

Nearly three years on, I am still learning, every day. I am learning that being a parent of a toddler is hard, damn hard.

But then, being a toddler must be hard too. Frustrating. In that land of between where you know what you want, but need to learn how to express it properly, to get the adults to understand you.

We have to learn how to compromise with each other, to not get frustrated with each other (maybe only with ourselves!).

Children have so much to learn in just a few short years, to prepare for their older years ahead of them. They have to learn how to become independent, how to communicate, how to count; the learning is endless.

Though as adults, as well as still learning, we become teachers too. Teaching our children these lessons for life. We need to be patient. We were at that stage once. And we would have been the same.

My boys are learning every day, and I’m teaching them.

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