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As a parent to a baby & toddler with sensitive skin, using a non-bio detergent is important to me so as not to irritate their skin any more. I usually switch between brands depending what’s on offer and/or where I shop, though I do have my favourites.

I was recently invited to try one of Surcare‘s laundry products, the Surcare Sensitive capsules. All products are non-bio and sensitive. The capsules I received are:

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • fragrance free
  • outstanding cleaning performance at 30c
  • non biological
  • dermatologically tested & approved
I decided to try the capsules in a variety of ways to test them to their full potential. As I own a baby who has just started weaning, and a toddler who is still a messy eater, then a detergent that brings clothes up nice & clean is an absolute must. 
Only one capsule is required for most washes, unless you are in a hard water area and have heavy soiling, then the packet suggests to use two capsules.

First, I did a colour 30c wash, with no stain remover or fabric conditioner, and one capsule. J had recently been at a party and spilled squash down a yellow top with white detail (and obviously it had to catch that part!). Surcare did a great job and all clothes came out lovely & clean. The only fragrance I noticed was the usual washing machine smell, so I can say that they definitely are fragrance free. I also tried them on this wash but with fabric conditioner, and with J’s nursery clothes which were dirty. I had the same results but obviously with a fragrance this time.

I also tried the capsules on a white 30c wash, though this time I added some non bio fabric conditioner as I have to admit I do like our clothes to smell nice and feel extra soft (though I noticed Surcare do a fragrance free fabric conditioner too). I usually put a scoop of stain remover in with this wash as with a messy toddler and a baby who poops a lot, I usually need it! This time though, I left it out as I wanted to test the outstanding cleaning performance claim. Most stains did come out, other than one on a vest which had a major poo(nami) stain from N. I had put the vest on a rinse wash too immediately after the incident to get the excess out (as I usually do). The stain didn’t come out completely as it usually does when I add stain remover, though it was only a light stain that was left.

Overall, I am very impressed with these capsules. Although, in future if I had any stained (white) clothes then I would add my usual stain remover just to get that little bit extra out. Also, I tend to do around 3 washes a week meaning these would last me 3 weeks; my usual purchase lasts twice as long , costs around the same and works just as well, so whilst I may purchase it again I don’t think I would do regularly.

Surcare non bio laundry capsules are available to purchase for £3.50 from here.

My rating- 3.5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Surcare are currently recruiting people for their testing panel. The panel will be sent products to test & review, as well as giving feedback on new product development. If you would like to be part of the panel, just email

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