Project 365 – Weeks 35-36 (days 236 – 249)

I have a double whammy catch up this week as I’ve been on holiday so didn’t get chance to post last week.
Day 236 / August 24th
My view. Love these little slippers, they were J’s. I love N’s chunky legs too.

Day 237 / August 25th
Rubbish photo day so I only have this from a review I was writing up.

Day 238 / August 26th
I love J’s curls. I get told all of the time that he needs a hair cut, but truth be told, I don’t want to cut them, so not yet!

Day 239 / August 27th
Sorry about the quality of this one but it was another rubbish photo day and I took this on hubby’s phone. Went to say my usual goodnight to J and found him on the floor like this.

Day 240 / August 28th
The day before we went on holiday I decided to try the boys sun suits on. N’s was a bit snug even though it’s 6-9 months and he’s only just 6 months!

Day 241 / August 29th
The first day of our holiday and J was exploring the boat and pointing at the water.

Day 242 / August 30th
Today we passed some men fixing a windmill sail. Rather them than me!

Day 243 / August 31st
A little walk in the woods led us to this bird house that had taken a tumble.

Day 244 / September 1st
6 months old and N’s first taste of ice cream – he did love it!

Day 245 / September 2nd
We had swans & cygnets come to see us when we had moored up.

Day 246 / September 3rd
The donkeys were following me when I was getting back onto the boat, as I had food!

Day 247 / September 4th
N fell asleep in Daddy’s arms. I love this photo.

Day 248 / September 5th
Much needed on the way home from holiday after an early start.

Day 249 / September 6th
I fancied a change of nails – I love the crackle nail polish for an easy nail art effect.
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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Weeks 35-36 (days 236 – 249)

  1. What a wonderful selection of photographs, love the windmill and the slippers. I do think the sun suit photo might be my favourite though.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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