Project 365 – Week 37 (days 250 – 256)

Day 250 / September 7th
Little N sleeping with his hands on hips! (He has always slept on his front in his cot).

Day 251 / September 8th
Cheeky smiles from N!

Day 252 / September 9th
It was porridge fingers for N for breakfast today. He decided to swear at me too, cheeky monkey!

Day 253 / September 10th
Little treat whilst blogging and watching a movie.

Day 254 / September 11th
My first lot of new decor for this year! (Sorry!).

Day 255 / September 12th
A bit of heavy bedtime reading of a book from my author friend.

Day 266 / September 13th
Trying to capture N’s giggles at his brother – not quite managing but there is a cute video of it on my Instagram!

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