Weight loss – week 3

So week 2 has been and gone and here I am into week 3. Like last week, I started the beginning of the week doing well then went downhill; and then again, I had a couple of emotional days and either continuously ate, or ate junk. I wish I was one of those people who went off food instead. The weekends are still going well with the Monday weigh in causing me not to pig out.

I didn’t even do as much walking last week as I was so tired for one reason or another and I just couldn’t be bothered to walk to any groups or to meet hubby from work – lazy I know…

So here are my week 3 stats:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs  
  • target weight – 132 lbs 
  • previous weight – 183 lbs 
  • current weight – 183 lbs 
  • weight loss this week – Stay the same
  • weight loss to date – 20.6 lbs 
  • weight loss to go – 51 lbs

I stayed the same this week – at least it’s not a gain! To be honest I was expecting a gain when I got on the scales so I’m pretty pleased with that.

We go away on Friday so I won’t be weighing in next week. I won’t be pigging out though and I’m going to try to eat as normally as possible; hopefully I’ll be doing a bit of walking as well. 

See you in a couple of weeks!

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