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Little man J loves his books and we are building up quite a collection. The most recent one we have added is the Noisy Day Press And Play Soundbook from The Works. J does like books which I can read aloud to him and have pictures which he can point at and tell me what everything is, but he would much rather play with noisy books!

This noisy book helps children to learn their first sounds, learn to count, and learn their colours and shapes along with the daily life of the workers in the book – such as firefighters, the vet, the ambulance service and the school bus. It has 45 different sounds for them to explore.

The book is packaged in a cardboard & plastic sleeve with the book opened wide, so it is well protected. The book also folds up for transportation and it also protects the buttons, which I think is a good idea. There is even a little space for the child to write their name. The pictures in the book are very colourful, and simple yet informative, which I think is a must for a toddlers book as there doesn’t want to be too much information to process at once.

Noisy Day Press And Play Soundbook

The idea is that the child goes through the day, and every so often they need to press a button for the sound – there is picture of the button in the story and they have to find it on the board. At various points it will ask them how many things they can see, such as people or animals, which encourages counting and finding the number. The same also goes for shapes. Each set of buttons in the story is colour coordinated to help them identify colours too.

I read the story to J but he has lots of fun pressing the buttons – sometimes I don’t even read it at all, he will just sit there pressing them for ages!

The RRP of this book is £20. I don’t think I would personally buy it at that price, but it is a great buy for its current offer price of £6.99.

Our rating – 5/5 (though at full price it would be 4/5)

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