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Little man J loves his baths – he would spend all evening in there if he were able to. He loves pouring water from his bendy jug, fishing with his toys, making random words with his foam letters, drawing using his bath crayons, playing boats and quack quacks, but most of all he loves to play with the bubbles!

When we were invited to try Infacare Night-time Baby Bath I gladly obliged as we love to try out new bubble baths. J’s skin is a little sensitive, and N’s even more so, so the fact that this is an ultra mild formula appealed to me greatly, as did the fact that it claims to have long lasting bubbles as I often find some of them disappear as soon as he gets in and gets washed!

The bubble bath certainly produces lots of bubbles even with only a tiny bit poured in. This is always appealing as I don’t want to be buying a new bottle every week.

The bubbles last long after J has gotten in, been washed, and played for a while. They also smell amazing, kind of like a floral fragrance with an oriental twist. On touch they feel so soft, and also leave J & N’s skin feeling really soft & smooth with no redness or rashes – I also can’t stop smelling them after a bath!

Overall I love this bubble bath for its smell, touch, mildness, and the fact that it’s long lasting – I will definitely be purchasing it again. It comes in 400 ml and 750 ml bottles and is priced at around £3 for 750 ml. It is a little more than I would usually pay for a bubble bath but I think this one is worth its cost. It can be purchased at leading high street stores including Boots, Lloydspharmacy, Wilkinsons, and major supermarkets.

Our rating – 4/5

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