Project 365 – Week 29 (days 194 – 200)

Day 194 / July 13th
I’m getting really rubbish with remembering to take photos lately, so it’s a good job that someone tagged me on Instagram for #widn! I was eating a champagne magnum whilst blogging and watching 16 Kids & Counting.


Day 195 / July 14th
We went to feed the ducks today and this lovely plant was growing near the river so I had to take a snap of it.


Day 196 / July 15th
N has been quite clingy lately as he has his first tooth coming through so he is sleeping on me a lot.


Day 197 / July 16th
J has been having a few behaviour issues at nursery recently so we decided to try a reward chart & stickers with him. He got two stickers today!


Day 198 / July 17th
My new mei tai from SnugiWraps arrived today – I just love this print!


Day 199 / July 18th
We were at Stockeld Park this evening for the VIP preview of The Summer Adventure (review coming soon). I had to snap this pretty flower outside the entrance to the cafe.


Day 200 / July 19th
We had homemade lamb & feta burgers for dinner tonight (recipe coming soon). Can’t beat a homemade burger!


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