Miscarriage – why should we have to wait?

Many of my regular readers will know how we suffered a miscarriage back in December 2012. It was such a heartbreaking time for us, as it is for anyone. The thing that it made it worse? Waiting. Having to wait a whole weekend for a scan at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. Why? Because there were no staff to do it.

If you were following my blog at the time you will know how the end of my pregnancy panned out, but I will tell you briefly just to refresh and for anyone who has just found me. I started spotting on the Friday night, but as I had had spotting earlier and had a scan and all was OK, and we were going to the cinema for the evening, I didn’t bother going to the hospital. Being nearly the weekend, it wouldn’t have made much difference anyway… By the Saturday evening it had become worse, so we went to A&E. I was seen by a doctor who said because I was only spotting and having no cramps, it was unlikely to be a miscarriage but he would book me in for a scan anyway. But he couldn’t do that until Monday, as there were no staff to do it. So I was left to worry my heart out for the next 2 days. By the Sunday evening it was even worse (still no cramps) and I just knew it was going to come to an end very soon. We lost our little baby in the early hours of Monday morning. 
Now, having a scan over the weekend wouldn’t have made any difference to the outcome of my pregnancy, I know that. But it was the waiting. The waiting for confirmation. If I had been able to have a scan that weekend, I would have known. I could have prepared. But it just happened. And when I went for that scan later that afternoon, I was already beyond devastation.
Unfortunately this is also the case for thousands of other women. 
Very recently I came across this article – this lady happens to be a friend of a friend. Bethanie has set up a petition to introduce emergency weekend scans for mums-to-be who are potentially miscarrying. I have signed it as it is of course something which I strongly believe should be in place already. Too many women (and men) are suffering, and it just shouldn’t be the case. 
Whether you or someone you know has been affected by this issue, or even if you haven’t, PLEASE take just a minute to sign the petition here and share it; it will mean so much to so many women. 

2 thoughts on “Miscarriage – why should we have to wait?

  1. How terrible for you! I had a miscarriage years ago but it was during the week….I always assumed they still scanned ladies on a weekend. That's shocking they don't!
    I've signed the petition!

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