Grandparents are one of the fundamental parts of a family unit.

Sometimes they keep everything together.

The little ones can twist them around their little finger.

They are also great at babysitting (!).

J & N are lucky and have 3 sets of grandparents.

Hubby’s Mum & Dad.

My Mum & Step-Dad.

My Dad & his partner.

I know some children aren’t so lucky though, but others have 4 sets.

Unfortunately hubby’s Mum passed away last year, just after we found out we were expecting N.

She passed away a couple of days after we had our early scan at 9 weeks pregnant.

She was in a hospice at the time as the cancer was taking over her.

We showed her N’s scan photo and told her his due date – her birthday – and she said, “That’s what I wanted”.

She knew she was dying. Though nobody had told her directly.

The next day she started going rapidly downhill.

The day after that, she passed away.

It sounds a bit cliche, but it made me feel at peace to think that she was making way for him to enter the world.

J wasn’t even 1 & a half years old when she left us, but we haven’t let him forget her. We talk about her a lot.

She absolutely doted on J.

The boys’ other grandparents do too.


They make the world go round.

In memory of Grandma. 
(Sorry about the quality, it’s the only photo I could find)

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