A to Z of Family – F is for Father

I know that my boys most likely will never call their Daddy ‘Father’ but it does still fit with the theme, and I used a different one for the week of D so I thought I’d use it for this week as it is of course an important part of family.

I know that my husband doesn’t think he is the best father sometimes – heck, I never think I’m the best Mummy either! – but to me, he is. He tries his best.

J is very demanding, boisterous, temperamental lately and hubby doesn’t have as much patience with him as I do, but obviously he loves him unconditionally and he is always saying he would do absolutely anything for him (as most fathers would).

He is sometimes a strict father.

He is sometimes a bossy father (honestly, J is only 2 years old! Though it’s mostly with regards to tidying his bedroom…starting him young?!).

But mostly, he is a fun father!

They have so much fun together both inside & outside the house and J absolutely adores him.

When he gets up in the morning and he isn’t there – “Daddy work?”.

He leaps up and runs to the door when he hears him come through the door when he gets home from work.

He sometimes cries and shouts after Daddy when he leaves.

The magic bond between a boy and their father.

N is only 4 months old so is still getting to know us both really, but I hope that he has much the same bond as he grows.

My boys’ father.

The best.

 A to Z of Family

2 thoughts on “A to Z of Family – F is for Father

  1. Aw what a lovely post. I think we all doubt our parenting skills, but the main thing is that he loves his kids and the kids will know that. 🙂

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