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I love cooking and anything that helps make cooking easier & healthier, so when I was recently offered the chance to review the Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri I gladly obliged. I own a ceramic pan but have been looking at stoneware pans for a while.

The Stone Earth Ozeri pan:

  • uses a stone-derived coating from Germany for non-stick perfection whilst being free of the harmful chemical PFOA
  • is eco-friendly
  • features a hardened scratch-resistant coating that is super easy to clean
  • has an interior made out of durable heavy-gauge die-cast aluminium 
  • has a magnetised base for use with rapid heat transfer induction stoves
  • has a comfortable heat-resistant reinforced silicone coated handle.
I was interested to see just how non-stick it was as the ceramic pan I have actually does stick and left marks after cleaning even after the first time using it. The Ozeri pan really is non-stick. The instructions state to season it with a little oil (literally just a very thin film which you wipe off so you are still barely using any at all) before each use so maybe this helps immensely. In it I have cooked the following – onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette, egg, bacon, minced beef, chicken – and none of them did stick, even without constant stirring and being left a little while. Main meals I have cooked in it are fajitas (recipe coming soon), spag bol, bacon & courgette pasta, and an omelette, so I have done a variety of ingredients to test it.

Non stick omelette

Whenever I cook fajitas it leaves a crispy coating on the pan which is usually hard to get off unless I soak it for a while beforehand. Same with an omelette – if you don’t have enough fat in the pan before cooking you usually get stuck on bits! I didn’t do that with this pan as I wanted to test if it was super easy to clean – it really is! You could probably just clean it with a piece of kitchen roll, honestly. It makes washing up after a meal so much quicker & easier instead of scrubbing away. 
Considering the pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminium and stone, it is not as heavy as I was expecting it be. It is still a little heavy, but not heavy enough that you can’t lift it with one hand easily enough. 
The pan also comes with a funky green felt protector that you put inside it before placing other pans on top for storage – great idea so it doesn’t get scratched.
The Stone Earth Pan is currently retailing for £24.99 on Amazon, and I would say it is definitely worth the money – I would be happy to pay the RRP of £39.99. I know it’s just a pan, but when it’s something that you use a lot it is worth paying more – I have used it so much already in the last couple of weeks, it’s my new favourite piece of cooking equipment!
My rating – 5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.
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  1. I love Ozeri products, we have a couple of their pans and they are much superior to other brands I have tried. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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