Project 365 – Week 26 (days 173 – 179)

June 22nd / Day 173
I was experimenting today and made these potato & courgette fritters. (Recipe coming soon).

June 23rd / Day 174
I was having a rubbish day so decided to open these which came as part of a hamper I won back in March. I had the intention of only eating a few but you know how that goes… Yummy!

June 24th / Day 175
J and Dino-George cuddled up ready for bed.

June 25th / Day 176
Little man N just chilling in his bouncer.

June 26th / Day 177
Dinner tonight was Spanish stew made with Quorn sausages. (Will be a review on this coming up soon).

June 27th / Day 178
We ventured out to stay & play this morning. N was only a few weeks old last time we went here so didn’t do much, but he was taking it all in today.

June 28th / Day 179
J transfixed on Transformers before falling asleep between us on the sofa.

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