Project 365 – Week 11 (days 68 – 74)

(I apologise in advance for the the overload of baby photos!)

March 9th / Day 68
Snuggles on Mummy today – well it’s snuggles on Mummy at some point everyday really!

March 10th / Day 69
Today was little man #2’s first time in a proper outfit! (Although I think little man #1 might still be top dog at the moment…)

March 11th / Day 70
It was lovely weather today and little man #1 was outside nearly all day. He’s discovered a new favourite activity of chalking.

March 12th / Day 71
I managed to get my pre-pregnancy jeans fastened up (okay I still have a mummy tummy overhang but never mind)! It took me forever last time! In fact these are new bigger size jeans bought after little man #1’s arrival…

March 13th / Day 72
Little man #1 was chalking inside whilst waiting for the health visitor before we had to go out.

March 14th / Day 73
Daddy & little man #1 often have rough play like this (which nearly gives me a heart attack sometimes!)… It’s attack of the toddler!

March 15th / Day 74
Little man #2 is two weeks old today! I forgot how fast it flies by, even more so this time.

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