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February 9th / Day 40
This is one of little man’s new ‘things’ – he loves sitting there and pouring his puzzle pieces from one container to another. It keeps him occupied for ages though!


February 10th / Day 41
Today we were learning numbers – recently he has just learned to count to 3. He’s on number 6 here, but he also just likes looking at the pictures and naming them!


February 11th / Day 42
My supplies for my home birth arrived today! Much eek-ness!


February 12th / Day 43
Little man decided that running around on the cardboard packaging from the canvas I reviewed was more fun than playing with his usual toys today! (Though he had just come home from nursery so he didn’t really have any toys out).


February 13th / Day 44
This is the first time in months that little man has sucked his thumb. I thought it was so cute though.


February 14th / Day 45
The photo I was actually trying to capture here was little man standing on all fours looking at me through his legs, but he’s way too fast for me and after several attempts I still couldn’t get it! But I absolutely love his huge grin on this anyway.


February 15th / Day 46
Little man also loves throwing things down his tunnel when it’s stood upright. Today was the turn of his Mega Bloks before giving up and just emptying them out all over the floor…
(Mostly of little man this week – no food ones!)


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  1. Cute pics. Cardboard is a defininte favourite here, but I do also have a thumb sucker. A noisy one at that!

  2. It's funny the things little ones find fascinating to do repetitively, mine likes to take the lid on and off bottles!

  3. Pouring is such a fun thing for them to do isn't it? It's the little things that get them isn't it?

  4. We had a similar experience with our canvas packging and a toddler also! Included lots of ripping though lol! #project365

  5. Yep, as they say, small things!

  6. Lol, he took to popping the bubble wrap too!

  7. The packaging is always so much more fun isn't it? And I love the pouring too – my two have never done that, but are both good at filling any bag they can find with random stuff!

  8. Lovely captures of Little Man busy with different things…but the grin is the winner

  9. Children are so inventive with play aren't they? Our grandson loves to spin our wooden drinks coasters.

  10. Ooh little man loves filling boxes with random stuff!

  11. Thank you, I just love it 🙂

  12. Amazes me what they come up with sometimes!

  13. Brilliant – love that grin and those kind of activities – my 17mo adores clanging metal camping mugs in a metal box -in/out/shake it all about. We have just got lots of packaging too and thinking about one of these:

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