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January 5th / Day 5
Little man decided to use his drum for band practice today.

January 6th / Day 6
Today little man decided he wanted every single toy out from his living room toy box. So this was my view… I’m glad Daddy tidies the toys away these days!

January 7th / Day 7
Little man has started coming down with a cough and has been a little grumpy, but he still manages to give a smile for one of his favourite activities – selfies!

January 8th – Day 8
Little man was having a go at his puzzles today. He likes making the animal sounds!

January 9th / Day 9
Little man loves helping me clean, but today he decided was a good day to clean his own kitchen.

January 10th / Day 10
Little man decided to go on a horsey ride today. (Though he rocks that hard I’m afraid one day soon he’s going to go head first over the front!).

January 11th / Day 11
A missing Christmas present was returned to its rightful owner today – me! I’ve already been mean and broken his neck and chomped his head…

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    LOVE that Daddy tidies the toys!

  2. Teehee, only because I find it hard to bend/kneel down nowadays with a 33 week bump! 😉

  3. i cant believe you have chocolate left??!! lol x

  4. you cruel chocolate reindeer eating mummy! what a good OH you have to tidy the toys away!! x

  5. I am impressed. Dad cleans the toys and your little man cleaning his kitchen .. you have them well trained

  6. Wow…he really DID get all the toys out!

  7. My mum brought it yesterday, it was from Christmas Day which was accidentally left at her house lol

  8. Feeling very tired – used to it now though lol and I'm sure it will only get worse once baby is here! 😉

  9. I know, he won't let me though at the minute! 😉

  10. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Ha, my living room looks like that at the end of the day 🙂

  11. They are messy monkeys aren't they 🙂

  12. Love that he was cleaning his own kitchen!

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