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First of all I would like to wish my readers a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for and that you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday 18th December – 30w
30 weeks already, 10 weeks to go! This has gone too quick. I am nowhere near as organised as I was with little man either, I haven’t done a thing yet. By this time with him, his cot was ready, our bags were nearly packed, we had all of his clothes sorted, had chosen our travel system, practically everything. We are reusing most things though so we only really need to get a bed for little man so baby can have his cot bed when they are out of the Moses basket. So far we have some clothes/bibs/etc., but that’s only because I won them! They are so cute though, and neutral which is what we need to begin with. 

I am also so tired again lately because little man keeps getting up earlier & earlier every day – at this rate he’ll be up at half past midnight on Christmas Day!

Thursday 19th December – 30w 1d
Boob leakage has finally started (exactly 10 weeks later than with little man) – breast pads at the ready! 

Have been feeling quite sick the last couple of days too. It started yesterday when I was shopping – I thought it was just because I was hot but it stayed and it’s still here today. I really hope I’m not coming down with something! 

Weird craving today of sausage, chips, egg & gravy! Quite nice actually… 

Friday 20th December – 30w 2d
I had my flu jab and whooping cough jab today. I was informed that my flu arm may hurt a bit afterwards (it did when I last had it) but not the cough one – that one is hurting much more though! I’ll probably have some side effects from the flu jab soon. 

Saturday 21st December – 30w 3d
I have a bit of a cough today – I’m hoping it’s just the side effects from my flu jab as I’m always ill over Christmas! 

Monday 23rd December – 30w 5d
I had an early night last night, going to bed at 9pm, I haven’t been to bed that early in goodness knows how long! I feel so much better for it this morning though after 10 hours (albeit broken) sleep, but I could have gone for even longer! It was broken sleep because I woke up around 1.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep for ages as I went to bed early, plus it was even more difficult to get comfy as both my arms are still hurting from my jabs. 

At 30 weeks, berry is the size of a large cabbage.
They are surrounded by nearly a litre of amniotic fluid, the volume of which will decrease as baby gets bigger.
They are becoming more sensitive to light and can distinguish between artificial light and sunlight.
Their eyes can move in their sockets.
They are more attuned to sound, smell & taste.
Their lungs are working at near optimal levels.

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