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It’s a little late, but here is our Christmas update for 2013!

I really enjoyed the run up to Christmas this year, especially as little man has been so much more aware than he was last year, when he didn’t have a clue really! The preparations involved putting up the tree & decorations, making salt dough decorations, taking little man to see Santa Claus, and organising his treat bag for Christmas Eve! 

Christmas Eve this year was a day of last minute preparations – the first year I have been so unorganised! I had presents left to wrap, and I had to send hubby to the supermarket for a few last minute bits (I wasn’t braving it after seeing how hectic it was the day before!). When hubby finally arrived home after work, visiting his Dad, and then shopping, we spent some time with little man before he went to bed ready for Santa’s visit. He opened his bag I had put together for him, then we sprinkled reindeer food outside before coming in to watch his new DVD (and take some selfies – little man is such a poser!). We then left treats for Santa and the reindeer and it was bedtime. Hubby & I waited up for Santa to leave little man’s presents, then we headed to bed too. 

On Christmas Day morning little man woke up at 7am (after laying in until 8am last year and we actually had to wake him as I was getting impatient!), and I brought him into our bed to open our stockings. There was some chocolate in all of them, but little man decided his would be perfect for breakfast and proceeded to open & eat it straight away! After stocking opening we headed into the living room to see that Santa had visited! His main presents (a wooden kitchen and a Mega Bloks building table) were on one side of the room and all his other bits on the sofa on the other side, and he genuinely didn’t know where to go first – he just wandered around for a few minutes taking it all in; I think he was a little overwhelmed! Eventually he sat down at his table and started playing with it; he wasn’t really interested in his kitchen until later. He then proceeded to open his other presents but got bored halfway through and wanted to play, so hubby & I opened ours (I received some hair straighteners, lots of cookbooks, chocolate, and a few other little bits). We then managed to coax him into opening the rest (half of which were Peppa Pig related!). We were heading to my Mum & step-Dad’s for more present opening & dinner, but they had family to visit first so we just spent the rest of the morning playing. 

When we arrived at their house, Santa was there! He presented little man with his presents, which he took his time in opening as he kept getting distracted (more Peppa Pig, a pull along dog, a rocking horse and a couple of stocking fillers). Little man, hubby & I then just played a bit whilst we waited for our dinner. I really wish I had taken a photo of it as it was a mountain! I really didn’t think I would manage it as I can’t fit an awful lot in nowadays, but it was so yummy I had to force myself of course… The rest of the afternoon & evening we all just relaxed, watching movies.

On Boxing Day we had to be away early as we were expecting friends popping in on their way to visit family, so we were up at 8am (after a very early wake up call from little man but he went back to sleep after some milk)and away by 9am. When our friends had been & gone I got showered and changed and then we were away again, to my father-in-law’s. When we arrived my brother-in-law had been slaving over a hot stove for us! We had our lunch and then little man had even more presents to open – mainly Mega Bloks & diggers! He also had a ride on quad. He was a bit wary of it at first but he was eventually climbing on & off of it, until he accidentally put his foot down on the control and it lurched forward, he soon leaped off, bless him! We watched movies again, had some tea and then said our goodbyes. 

I think we were all shattered after a very busy couple of days. We did have a wonderful Christmas, though it was hard being the first one without my mother-in-law. 

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