The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 26

Thursday 21st November – 26w 1d

My winter cold has gotten so bad today. I look like Rudolph from blowing & wiping my nose, and I’ve not stopped sneezing so my throat feels like it’s had a load of razor blades shoved down it, in turn making it really hard and painful to gulp and swallow. To top it off my back is really hurting today. So all I really want to do is sleep but I can’t see me getting a lot. Instead I’m sat in bed at 11.45pm reading and drinking hot water, honey & lemon to try and soothe my throat a bit so I can at least get to sleep. 

Friday 22nd November – 26w 2d
As predicted I didn’t get an awful lot of sleep last night. I reckon I might have got 3 or 4 hours broken sleep, as my throat was just hurting so much. So I’ve spent the majority of the day curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and just wanting to go back to sleep! My throat does feel a little better today though so the honey & lemon must have helped a bit. 

Saturday 23rd November – 26w 3d
Still feel unwell. Not as bad as the last couple of days but my nose is so blocked, I’m so snotty (sorry!). 

Sunday 24th November – 26w 4d
Have felt better today so managed to get in the kitchen and make my Christmas cake! Though this cold is running me down as after I’d finished and sat down I could barely keep my eyes open and really felt like having a nap. I didn’t, even though I was home alone, silly woman! 

Monday 25th November – 26w 5d
Yep the cold is still hanging around…

Tuesday 26th November – 26w 6d
So. Sick. And. Fed. Up. Of. This. Cold. Every time I blow my nose or drink, my ears pop because it’s so blocked up and I can’t breathe! Argh! 

At 26 weeks, berry is the size of an aubergine.
Their eyes have completely formed and will open soon, beginning to blink. 
The oil and sweat glands are functional.
The skin is quickly becoming opaque.
They have become accustomed to the sounds of Mummy’s heartbeat, digestion, and voice. They can even move in rhythm to music!

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