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I’ll start as usual with my weigh in. After expecting no loss last week after losing 4 lbs the week before, I actually lost 1.6 lbs which I was pleasantly surprised at. Bringing my total loss since I started back 6 weeks ago, to 6 lbs. This is really good going for me as I usually only lose around half a pound a week. 

Since my last weigh in though I haven’t been doing so good. Over the weekend I went to a friend’s for lunch on Saturday and we had pasta & garlic bread, then we had pizza for dinner that night, and then a Chinese on Sunday evening! Since then I wouldn’t say I’ve been over eating as such, but just not sticking to my plan like I have been. I’m quite disappointed in myself actually.

If you have read my recent blog posts, you will know that I am pregnant again! This is one of the reasons why I haven’t been sticking to my plan. Firstly, because I often feel sick so don’t feel like eating; secondly, I’m just so tired that I can’t find the energy to prepare a meal. I am going to try harder though, as I still haven’t lost all my baby weight from little man, and I don’t want to gain the rest back, and then even more. I just can’t do it after having come so far and been at it so long already. 

Starting weight – 173.6 lbs
Current weight – 167.6 lbs
Target weight – 133 lbs
Total loss to date – 6 lbs
(All of the above are since starting back this year. Since I started in January 2010 my total loss is 36 lbs)

I’m joining in with The Naked Mum’s Wobbles Wednesday linky, which is being hosted by Ditch Flab Get Fab this week. 

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  1. Congrats on the loss and your pregnancy news! Please let me know your twitter Id so I can send out your post. Thanks so much for linking up Jeannette

  2. well done, you have my empathy with the pregnancy eating i found it difficult and ate when i was hungry and what i wanted (which is not good for weight loss) x

  3. Yep that's my problem :/ x

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