Never mind the terrible 2’s…

Never mind the terrible 2’s. I think in this household it’s officially the terrible 1’s! 

Little man has been so stroppy lately; pinching, smacking, biting, kicking, headbutting, throwing himself about and stiffening himself up in a tantrum. This is usually when he can’t get his own way.

Take today at stay & play for example. He is usually as good as gold when we go. He started pretty much as soon as we got there today. A little girl was playing with a rattle tube and he wanted it, so tried to take it off her, I told him no and that he has to share (I know he won’t quite understand the concept yet, which is why I’m trying to teach him) and he lashed out flapping his arms about and screaming. 

Another episode; him and two little girls were stood in the kitchen play area at the table, and one of the little girls had a doll, which he decided he wanted. He went to take it and I told him no again, that he had to share, and moved his hand away, at which point he smacked the little girl in the face! She stood there for a few seconds and then started screaming & crying, I was absolutely mortified. Of course I told him off, and obviously he doesn’t know sorry yet, so I apologised to the girl and her mum, but her mum just picked her up and walked away giving me a filthy look. Horrified. 

Next one. I moved him away from the area where younger babies were playing, as I know how boisterous he is, so I picked him up and he smacked me around the face and knocked my glasses off! 

Finally, him and another little boy were playing with some metal sweetie tins and wooden spoons; he had one of his own, but of course wanted the one the other little boy had, so he went to take it, and again I told him no and that he had to share. He threw a strop lashing at me and crying. The little boy then came over to him to let him play and say sorry and give him a hug & kiss, which I thought was rather cute, but little man smacked him too! I’d had enough  by then and decided to leave, at which point he threw another strop! 

He has been an absolute nightmare today. 

*It’s just a phase. It’s just a phase.*

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