Is he a girl? Or is he a boy?…

“Is he a girl?”

No, of course I haven’t been asked that question directly. It would be ‘Is it a girl?’

But four times now, has my son been referred to as a girl. Three of those, were all in as many weeks very recently!

The first time, was when we had just moved into our flat. The Virgin Media engineer had come to install our phone line and TV etc., and he had to drill a hole in the wall, which made little man cry, as he was only 6 months old and obviously still scared of new noises. To which the engineer commented “Did that scare her?!”. Me: “He’s a boy”. Engineer: “Oh, he’s a very cute boy then!”.

Second time, we were at stay & play, and a gentleman was telling his daughter to be “careful of that little girl” – the girl being the little man! 

Third time, the same gentleman, believe it or not, said the same thing again! (Yes, his daughter is a little tearaway and has also on two other occasions stood on little man’s hands and feet!) 

Fourth time, we were shopping, and a lady said to her daughter who was crying, “look, that little girl isn’t crying!” – again, referring to the little man!

I officially give up.

I think I should get a sticker made for his forehead stating “I AM A BOY”…

So, what do YOU think, is he a girl, or most definitely a boy?

4 thoughts on “Is he a girl? Or is he a boy?…

  1. BOY! Even his hands give him away! Hun… my daughter is reffered to as a boy…even at 5 and wearing a skirt!!!!

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