Happy Mother’s Day (to everyone)

Today has been my first Mother’s Day. I have waited a long time for this. It’s the first one I’ve been happy and actually enjoyed. (Well, there was last year, but I was in labour that day and didn’t really get chance to appreciate & enjoy it as a mummy-to-be, as much as I should have!). 

But I still feel a twinge of sadness. For my friends who are still waiting to be mummies. That was me once, and as much as I love being a mummy now and have the chance to celebrate this day, I do remember the pain. The pain of it wanting to be me. The pain of seeing it everywhere.

Admittedly I have posted a photo of my card, but that is all, I hope I haven’t “flaunted” it as such. I don’t want to upset my friends. Because I love you all. And want you to remember that you are already a mummy in your heart, and you will be able to embrace that one day. One precious day.  

So happy Mother’s Day, to all the mummies out there, those whose children are not with you, those with unborn angels, those mummies who are looking down from above, and of course all my friends who long to be mummies.

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