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Firstly, I must apologise for being late with this post. Little man has an ear infection, and has been clingy & grumpy, and I just totally forgot… Oops.

Anyway, my penpal who sent my parcel this month was the lovely Kerys from Little Bo Blab (definitely checkout her blog, it’s fab, even on the first look!). 

Big smiles straight away when I opened up my package as it arrived in this gorgeous box: 

It was all a bit like a Russian doll as I had the outer layer, then the box, then my little note in an envelope, and then tissue paper to open up and discover my goodies!: 

So what did I find? 

Some bits & pieces for baking that were picked around an Easter theme, including some cupcake cases, the cute fluffy chicks (love these!), and the sugar flowers. We are visiting friends on Monday so I’m going to be using the chicks tomorrow! 

I also found a Caramel egg and a mini Lindt bunny – both demolished! I love Caramel eggs and could eat them every day so very good choice there! 

There were some chilli peanuts. I keep meaning to open these to snack on but with a 1 year old currently keeping me on my toes I just grab the first thing I see! I also received some Fudges cheddar wafers, also not tried yet but I am very much looking forward to trying them. But again, two of the things I love, chilli & cheese! 

Finally, there was some Moroccan spiced chutney from The English Provender Co. Now this, this is just gorgeous. It is yummy enough to eat straight from the jar! It tastes a little like one of my favourite Indian curries (totally different cuisine, I know…), an achari. It has a similar sweet taste. 

So once again, thank you very much! 

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  1. You're welcome sweetheart 🙂 really glad you liked your box! X

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