As I posted about yesterday, I had a visit to the doctors – little man had one right after me. 

For a while now he has had a sore, dry, red patch on his left cheek, and it’s just started appearing on his right one too. It very occasionally appears elsewhere on his body. Some days it’s very bright, others you can barely see it. I didn’t think anything of it until the health visitor mentioned it when we took him to get weighed once, and said she would give us a prescription for some cream next time she saw us if it was still there. Well, it wasn’t, but she said to go to the GP if it kept appearing, which it has, so we did. 

The GP concluded he has a bit of eczema, and has given us some cream for it. I’ve also started  keeping a food diary for him so I can see if it is anything in particular that brings it out. Also she said to use a soap other than what we are using (which is Johnson’s), so can anyone recommend a tried & tested one for sensitive skin? (I also don’t think it’s the wash liquid I use as I’ve always used the same and it’s not always been there).

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