Problem eater

Up until recently, little man has been a really good eater. When we first started weaning we went the traditional route with spoon feeding & purees and a little bit of him feeding himself, then I realised it was much easier to BLW so mostly turned to that. The first few weeks he would usually only eat the sweet things that were offered to him but now he loves allsorts, and usually attempts stealing our food too! His favourite food seems to be cheese! 

The last week or two though, he has been really fussy. Practically everything you give him or put on his tray, 95% ends up on the floor. He has a good mix of foods – fruit, veg, dairy etc. (but usually the same things, if that makes sense – I run out of ideas for meals!) – but even his favourite fruit (banana), when he would usually scoff the whole lot, 3/4 of it now ends up on the floor… Sigh. Also when I try giving him yoghurt from a spoon, he takes it at first but will move his head from side to side and eventually not have any at all. It’s not like he eats some and then throws it away, he will just grab it and slide it to the edge of his high chair tray then throw it in the floor, not even attempt to put it in his mouth. 

Now I’m not sure if it’s just phase (he’s nearly 11 months), or if it’s his teeth as he has just had his top two come through (he has 4 in total now!) and is full of cold and has a cough at the moment. He had teeth coming at Christmas and then had a cough and was fussy then, but he wouldn’t just automatically throw food on the floor, he would just leave it. He is a little fussy with his bottles too, but is mainly taking those at the minute. 

So do I just let it pass and hope it’s a phase, give him something new/different (suggestions?), or try something else to help him eat?


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