Broody & depressed

Lately I’m finding controlling my broodiness really hard. What with One Born Every Minute, seeing cute younger babies photos on facebook, and having just finally caught up on 16 Kids & Counting, it’s going up a notch every few days! 

I think the fact that I should have been halfway there with my pregnancy too (I would have been 20 weeks today), I’m finding the feeling of being broody really hard. I just want it to go away but I can’t. We should have been seeing our precious little bean again any time now, and it’s really upsetting. 

I thought the pills were helping, I felt fine at the beginning of taking them, though I don’t know if that’s just psychological in my head as the doctor says they can take 30 days to work properly, I’m two-thirds of the way through the box now. Then I’ve started having the same feelings and stresses again, the same things upsetting me. 

When will the broody feeling disappear? Will it just fade? Will it go away when we discover we are expecting again and I know I have that chance again? Or will it just be overridden with other feelings of anxiety & worry?

I know that I just need to cope, for now, for my boy. 

3 thoughts on “Broody & depressed

  1. broodiness is difficult enough to contend with let alone when you have been through a loss such as yours. It WILL happen, you know this, and you just have to keep your chin up and be brave for your little man. However, when he goes to sleep, you know where all your friends are, and you need to keep talking to us πŸ˜‰
    Huge hugs to you, stay strong xxx

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