Cold house

Not a cold house in the temperature aspect, but that we’re all full of cold! I think little man got it from somewhere as his nose was a bit runny yesterday so I gave him some Calpol, but it’s turned into a cough today too. My poor little man, though it doesn’t seem to be bothering him that much! I started to get a runny nose last night and had a little bit of a cough going on but was hoping it wouldn’t go much further, especially as the hubby & I were supposed to be going to a Labrinth gig tonight and meeting him! (I won it in a competition back in March – that was a good month). Anyway, I was waking throughout the night coughing, and then woke up this morning feeling like someone had shoved razor blades down my throat! And with a wheezy tickly cough and a streaming nose to boot. 

So as gutted as I was, I thought I better not risk passing my germs onto an artist on tour, so I reluctantly emailed the prize organiser to cancel. I hope they managed to get in touch with someone else who entered and that they have an amazing time. Not that I’m jealous much…

And now my friends baby girl, who we went to see on Wednesday (and made me incredibly broody!) has the snuffles, I hope little man hasn’t passed it on to her. Poor babies. But hubby & I are also delighted that we were asked to be Godparents to little baby Sky! Makes sense seeing as she’s little man’s future wife…

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