Counselling – take 1

The week before last I went for my counselling session which my doctor recommended me to do. I was extremely nervous as I thought the counsellor (Jamie) would think I was being silly and to tell me to stop being stupid. Obviously that wouldn’t have been the case, but you know…

As it was, as soon as I went in I felt really at ease as he was such a nice guy. Though I felt at ease with him, I still really didn’t want to talk about what was going on and my feelings, as I felt silly. Once again I had to do the depression questionnaire – for the 3rd time – it was pretty similar, if not ‘worse’, than when I did it the 2nd time with the doctor. 

We discussed quite a lot, what we had been through before & since little man arrived, and how I was coping. Some of the things we discussed I haven’t even told my closest friends, so I must have felt pretty comfortable talking to someone I don’t know. 

I was in there for around 45 minutes, and from the session, he came to the conclusion that I am also suffering anxiety/low self-confidence & stress. I feel like quite the full package, me! I am a lemonade bottle that has been shaken up, and I always think burglar rather than cat flap. I’ll leave you to think on those ones. Love the analogies though. 

He gave me some things to work on, and a website to look at to help me. I’m going to see him again next month to see how I’m doing. I do already feel that the session has helped me slightly,  I’m still having bad days, but slightly more good than bad, which is the opposite of right before my counselling session. 

I even went to baby clinic and socialised again! I feel very proud of myself! One of the family support workers is coming to do baby massage with us tomorrow, so hopefully I will feel confident to go to the weekly group sessions afterwards. 

4 thoughts on “Counselling – take 1

  1. I know, I was going to update you, but you went away, then when you were back I was away! lol But I'm feeling ok at the minute 🙂 Love you 😉 x

  2. 'And how does this make you feel?' (Does this sound familiar? We have all been there for different reasons).

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