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Since little man arrived, I’ve noticed a few physical changes in my body, which I guess every woman after childbirth will notice at least one. 

The first one for me is weight loss, which every woman will obviously experience after giving birth! In the first week I lost 10lbs, I was most aware of this by some of my pre pregnancy clothes fitting again after the few days. After that I gradually lost another 7lbs, but gained a few of those back (oops) which I’m frantically trying to lose again to fit in my bridesmaid dress on Saturday! I had a lot more pounds to lose before pregnancy anyway, which I’m going to be continuing with until I reach my goal.

Secondly, hair loss. This is the one I’m sure that every woman who experiences it, hates it. It started for me on Sunday, just under 10 weeks after giving birth. I was washing my hair in the bath and I saw it was coming out in handfuls. It’s not so bad for me as I have thick hair anyway, if anything, it might make it more manageable for me, personally!

Third, boobies! Before pregnancy I was a C cup, went up to a DD during pregnancy (though they felt bigger!), now they are a D cup. Obviously husband is very pleased about this. I have to say I noticed this because my other bras were getting mega uncomfortable and giving me backache as they were a poor fit. It means a whole new bra shopping trip too! And a clear out of my others.   

Finally, the one which everyone wonders when it is going to reappear. The dreaded AF. I really had no clue, as my cycles & periods were so bad before pregnancy, and I wasn’t expecting my first post pregnancy OV as I had never OV’d naturally before. Well, just over two weeks ago I noticed some discharge, which wasn’t like any I’d had before. In fact, it looked just like what is described as EWCM. Like I said, no natural OV before, so I still wasn’t certain, and thought I would wait a couple of weeks to see if AF arrived. I have heard of ladies with PCO/PCOS being ‘cured’ (if you like) after pregnancy, so wondered if it might be the case with me. Sure enough, 13 days after suspected OV, I started spotting. Exactly 14 days after suspected OV, AF properly arrived! I think the little man might have fixed me! Well, we will see how long this period lasts, as before treatment it could be anything up to 6 weeks (lovely), and then nothing for months. And then to watch out and see if I OV again in the next couple of weeks…

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