A year of blogging

It has been just over a year since I made my first blog post – 5th January 2011. In that year I’ve had many ups & downs, most of them recorded on here and I’m thankful to my readers and friends for being there to support me through it, and for supporting my blog. I hope to get a few more this year. 

If it wasn’t for Kylie over at Not Even a Bag of Sugar, I’m not sure I would have ever started blogging – I would probably have just continued releasing all my stresses to her – which I must admit I continued with anyway, but I’m sure she didn’t mind!…

Blogging for me started out as a form of therapy, in that writing down my thoughts, feelings & frustrations helped me cope with what I was going through, as I didn’t really have anybody to talk to face to face, apart from my husband. (I had virtual & on-line friends, but it’s not quite the same). And, it did help me cope. When people were having babies, and it wasn’t me, actually seeing my thoughts & feelings in words helped me take the next step in coping, so to speak; I would actually pluck up the courage to talk them, and look at their pictures. Still upsetting, but I could write down before & afterwards what I was feeling, rather than just hiding away from everyone. 

I guess it then turned into a diary, of all the things we were going through in our journey of treatment. It is something for me to look back on in years to come, and feel proud of myself & my husband, how we got through that journey. And also for our little man I guess, if we ever talk to him in years to come about his journey into this world, and if he wants to know. 

Now, I suppose my blog is a mixture of both of these, and it’s turned into more of a hobby for me.  I would recommend blogging to anyone – there is so much you could blog about, and if you always have something to say, then it is perfect for you! I love writing my blog and sharing with the world, I hope my readers enjoy it too. And I’m sure there will be adventures to come when little man makes his grand entrance into the world! 

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