31 weeks

So, only another 9 of these to write after this one… Well, that’s if I get that far! 31 weeks and I’m seeming to find more to blog about now, and to panic about! Though I must admit I am more organised than I thought I might be, mainly with the help of lists. Lots of them. It really is rolling in! 

So, as the above says, I’m on a slow-but-steady train to whale town… Umm, in fact this is incorrect, I’m actually already there. I have to take a pause in bed as I roll over. I have to bend over at the sink now to wash up as bump gets in the way. Husband has to put my boots on. Not that I would change any of these things for the world of course, I would be prepared to do it all again in a heartbeat! But anyhow, I’m sure that will be a long way off after little man has arrived! 

A few dreams have been had lately, I can only really remember bits of them though so they don’t make much sense in explaining, but one of the recent ones I had was rather funny, so I have to share! We were invited to a party not long after little man was born, and we decided to take some of our cloth nappy selection to show off to the guests. Only, we hadn’t washed them first, so we took them, filled with poo. Yes, we showed off the nappies AND poo. Better remember not to do that when we actually use them…

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