31 week midwife appointment

On Tuesday I had my routine 31 week appointment with the midwife. Was slightly worried at first as they were asking each other if my blood results were back! Luckily they were found in the end, they just hadn’t got them out, phew! Well my bloods were fine. My BP is also still fine, and no more bloods taken this time, I think that will be at the next one. I had a few white blood cells in my urine sample though, but she that could be that a bit of CM had dropped in (yuk!). Talking of doing the sample, I found it hard this time as I couldn’t see to pee in the plastic cup as bump was getting in the way! 

She listened to little man’s heartbeat, was very fast, strong & loud, so we were happy with that! I don’t think he liked being prodded though, as he started jumping about, bless him! I think she could see him as she asked if he was moving! Then she measured my bump, which was measuring at 32, so pretty much on target, though each time I seem to be measuring a week ahead of what I am, but that’s nothing to worry about.  

I mentioned that I’d been getting headaches again recently, and feeling dizzy, like I did in the first trimester. I was advised to keep my fluids up and take paracetemol, which I am doing, as everything else is fine so it can’t really be pinned on anything in particular.  

At our next appointment at 34 weeks, we will be writing my birth plan, or more discussing my birth options! I have a general idea of what I want, but will talk about that in a future post. I’m starting to get nervous & excited now, it’s seeming all the more real! 

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  1. When I was PG, I could take my sample with me (well we have to re-use the same bottle!!) so I bought a really cheap jug (35p ASDA) and wee'd in that and poured in my sample pot.  So much easier than trying to aim correct and getting it all over my hands!!! Hope this helps xx

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