30 weeks (and a bump pic)

So New Year’s Day saw me reaching 30 weeks – 10 weeks to go, eek!

It really is flying by now, and I’ve started making lists – hospital bag, baby bag, what we have, what we still need, etc… We actually have quite a bit already and I don’t think we need much more! The one major thing we do need soon though is a pram, but we’re going looking on hubby’s next day off. We already have two in mind but want to look at some more before making a final decision. 

New Year’s Day (30 weeks) was quite lovely, hubby finished work early and we sat, chilled and watched some TV, before having a HUGE roast dinner for just the two of us! And I used my new ice-cream maker which I got for Xmas, I made vanilla & home made fudge ice-cream, delicious! Don’t think we’ll ever buy shop bought ice-cream again! 

I’ve also decided I’m going to have a baby shower, could really do with a girly night in with nibbles and games and of course cake! I’m going to combine it with a tea party for Cake A Difference to raise money for Bliss.

Leaving you with my most recent bump pic, at 30+2. 

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