26 weeks (and a bump pic)

Oops, a bit late again…! I’ve been overtaken with my other obsession of comping – the advent ones for this month take up too much time! Anyway, I hit 26 weeks on Sunday…

And also came into double figures for little mans expected arrival! Just like counting down the wedding planning days again…! 

The past week has been quite uneventful if I’m honest so not really much to report. Apart from Christmas has finally arrived in the G household! Our living room looks all pretty now, although the tree was sat bare from Saturday until last night as I was too tired to decorate it! Can’t wait for next year when little man will be here for Christmas, he won’t be overly aware of what is going on but it will still be the best Christmas ever for us! 

Here’s me at 25+5, grown slightly since the last pic…

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