19 weeks (and an emotional wreck)

Yep, 19 weeks already! Still feels like only yesterday when I got my BFP! We’re nearly half way there, and I still can’t believe it. Though we have to wait an extra week to see our baby, at 21+1, which kinda sucks, but will make it all the more special. Scan is 2 weeks today on the 31st, it’s an early morning one, which means I’ll be peeing all day afterwards! But we’ll finally know the gender of our precious baby (well, if he/she lets us!). 

Yesterday I was a bit of an emotional wreck if I’m honest. Firstly, I think I’m back at that point from the first trimester when I am exhausted, yawning, and want to go back to bed as soon as I wake up – baby must be growing a lot. But, this also means that I’m mardy and irritable to go with it! Poor hubby! It didn’t help yesterday that I had a headache that just wouldn’t go away. (Nope, not the husband this time!).

I was cooking dinner, and that’s when it all started… I threw an absolute wobbler because my chicken wasn’t cooked properly, I started shouting at hubby, and partly blamed him (not his fault at all, he was busy upstairs!), and then I was in floods of tears for the next 20 minutes! I eventually calmed down whilst hubby sorted everything out, well by then after the crying fit I was even more shattered. 

Dinner eaten, couple of hours after I decided I wanted chocolate (oops!)… I remembered I had some mini eggs which I bought when they were selling them off after Easter. Well, I thought I did… They were at the top of the cupboard, which I can’t reach, so asked hubby to find them. He spent 5 minutes looking for them, telling me they weren’t there, me insisting they were, and then, he finally owned up, he’d eaten them! Cue another crying  and shouting session. Oh dear, poor hubby again! 

For the third time, was at bedtime! As tired as I was, I just couldn’t get settled and sleep. Not helped by hubby’s snoring and loud breathing, every single night it happens, so annoying. So then I threw another wobbler at him and ventured downstairs to read! I eventually went back upstairs, snuggled in bed and read a little more, no idea what time I got to sleep in the end…

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