15 weeks… and a bump (pic)

Today marks 15 weeks pregnant! 

Has been quite a strange day, well not strange as such, but ‘thoughtful’. We went to a car boot this morning, and walking around there were a lot of pregnant women, including me, and it was just so strange to be ‘with them’ rather than ‘against them’ I think. Looking at myself in the mirror, it still seems strange, and it still feels strange to me that I actually have a human being growing inside of me after all this time!

Talking of looking in the mirror, look what I noticed on Friday!

I’m sure it just appeared overnight, after the panic on Thursday! I love it. (Even though I’m convinced half of that is still fat… This is another thing, I just can’t over the feeling of and thinking that I look fat…)

3 thoughts on “15 weeks… and a bump (pic)

  1. It is definitely a bump! You are right. Preggers are everywhere, there must be something in the water 🙂

    Lady M

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