Little Brian paint sticks | Review

I like doing crafts on my own as I can control how much mess I make – and because I’ve made it, I don’t mind it quite as much. But when they boys mention the word “crafts” or “paint” I die a little inside. To be honest, I’d rather they just kept that part at school so I don’t have to clear up the aftermath! Or end up doing it for them… And then I met Little Brian paint sticks. My. Life. Has. Changed.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Toys for Your Baby

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Toys for Your Baby - toys for boys

There are countless choices available when one visits the kid’s aisle in a shopping mall. There are multiple fuzzy little stuffed toys, some manly plastic solider kits, shiny card and train sets and colourful educational books with in-built sensory learning equipment. What makes it so hard for parents to pick one is that every toy insists it’s the best. Your little one would love cars, soldiers, puzzles and stuffed toys alike. So what to get him as a present for his birthday?

We understand the dilemma all parents put themselves through when they go shopping for toys for boys, which is why, we are going to leave you with some tips and tricks to choose the best for your child. Consider these 5 questions as a means to guide you to choose between the countless toys you see.

  1. How Many Parts Does It Have?

As a parent, you may be included towards getting your little boy a puzzle or a Lego set, but before you do, think about all the pieces it comes with. The more they are, the likelier the chances of them getting misplaced or worse, get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. So, the first tip? Choose toys that come with limited parts so that the toy doesn’t become useless in case one gets lost.

  1. Is It Safe To Leave Your Child Alone With?

Although, most of the toys are safe to leave your child with, it depends on how age-appropriate they are. Even if your child has outgrown the age of taking everything into the mouth, if you believe he might do it again when left alone, it is best that you don’t choose toys that come with components small enough to be swallowed. Secondly, you also need to ensure that they don’t make you or the kid utter profanities out of pain when sat on or walked upon. Lastly, also see that the toy can’t be used to hit others in case of a fight between a younger and older sibling.

  1. Does It Get On Your Nerves?

Is it a rattle or a multi-sensory toy that sings aloud a song whenever touched? Technically, the sound of both shouldn’t get on your nerves because that will most probably be the only sound you will hear in your head when taking a shower, doing the dishes or sleeping. If you think you will be okay with that kind of noise for at least a week or until your kids gets bored of the toy, you can purchase it.

  1. Does It Do More Than A Single Thing?

It should do more than just light up or sing. If the goal is to keep your kid engaged in it for a few hours, it is best that to get something that comes with multiple in-built sensors. These toys come highly recommended for the kids with special needs as they help them reduce stress and stop unwanted behaviours etc.

  1. Does It Boost Learning?

A toy may make noises or light up, but unless it stimulates your child’s brain and boosts learning and creativity, don’t invest in it. The cost of raising a child can be in thousands which is why smart buying should always be focused on. Choose toys that help your child learn new things. Let the toy help the child solve some problems or allow for some creative juices to flow.

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The Wicked Uncle toy challenge | Review

Wicked Uncle challenge review

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the awesome guys at Wicked Uncle to see if the boys had an actual real life uncle who would be willing to take on the Wicked Uncle challenge. There was only one other requirement – the uncle had to have no children of his own. The boys have two uncles, and one has a daughter, so that left the other one! We will call him Uncle Wayne. (As we do in the video anyway!)

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Review – Thomas & Friends My First Rail Rollers Spiral Station

Both boys are at that age now where they are starting to share – and argue – over toys; though they have plenty to be going along with they always want what the other has, of course! N has only just really started showing an interest in cartoon characters and will play with anything, though he is really into J’s old toys now rather than his baby ones – well I suppose he is a fully fledged toddler now rather than a baby!

He was recently asked to review this brilliant toddler toy, perfect for newly instated toddlers! It is part of the Thomas & Friends range from which J already has a couple of toys, but this is N’s first rather than J’s ‘hand me downs’.

We waited for Daddy to arrive home from work before putting it together as it looked a bit complicated for me, but after following the detailed instructions it only took around 15 minutes to construct. I like the fact that once the parts are connected they can’t be pulled apart as we have had similar toys where the boys have just kept doing this. It is very sturdy too and can withstand N pulling it around to every room he goes in!

The Spiral Station comes with a Thomas and Diesel Roller but others can be purchased separately. There are many different features for motor skills and investigation, such as the large spiral track leading to a roundabout, the large tower drop, and the tunnel with lift which the child operates themselves by using the lever. The gates move to change the direction of the Rail Rollers toys, and the signs spin too. N loves to drop the Rollers down the tower. It’s interesting to watch him try to figure out where he wants to drop them next!

This toy is great for younger toddlers such as N, but J loves it too at 3.5 years old. I must say that even hubby & I have lots of fun playing with it as well so purchase some more Rollers and it’s great fun for the whole family! It has pretty much been the go-to toy since it arrived and I think it will last a good while too. It is a little more than we may usually pay for toys but it is definitely worth the RRP for the robustness and the play value. Definitely a great value thumbs up from us.

RRP: £32.99
Age: 12 months +

Our rating – 5/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.