Best Foods to Give Your Teething Toddler

Best foods to give your teething toddler

Taking care of your child is one of the toughest, but most rewarding jobs in the world. Part of raising children means teaching them right from wrong. Being a parent can also mean countless sleepless nights and a lot of nappies. But most of all, parenting involves raising a happy and healthy child.

Children begin getting their first teeth around 7 to 11 months of age. It is a painful process where your little one might cry uncontrollably at night and may even stop eating. While some parents turn to metaphysical elements, such as the healing properties of amber gemstones, others may opt for over-the-counter medications for assistance with pain management.

Whatever way you choose to handle the situation, it is important for you to know the right foods to feed your kids during this ordeal, as to avoid causing them further distress while maintaining their health and well-being. Listed below are some food items that have been reported to be both nutritious and comforting for your baby during the teething process. Read more

An update and a ConfidentNites sleep retreat with DryNites #ad

ConfidentNites update

I mentioned in my last DryNites ConfidentNites post that some of my fellow ambassadors and I were very lucky to be invited along to a sleep retreat at the amazing Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa. We were welcomed with a beautiful lunch and then sat down to listen to the three ConfidentNites experts give us some top tips to help on our child’s bedwetting journey.

The experts were nutritionist Yvonne Wake; mindfulness expert, Selina Sasse; and sleep expert, Helen Packham. A few of these tips are included in my second vlog below, but of course to get more help personalised to you & your child you can also view the ConfidentNites guide on the DryNites website. Read more

An introduction to DryNites ConfidentNites

An intro to DryNites ConfidentNites - NSIWE

I mentioned a few weeks ago how Jacob & I are DryNites® ConfidentNites ambassadors. He has been using the DryNites for a few weeks now and we have already seen an improvement in dryness during the night. Over the course of the next few months I will be sharing our journey via a series of vlogs on YouTube.

In this first vlog, I am giving you an introduction to DryNites® and the ConfidentNites Guide. I recently attended a sleep retreat with some of the other ambassadors and I brought back so much useful information and many tips that I hope to share with you in future vlogs in order to help you and your child’s confidence with overcoming bedwetting.

*This post forms part of my ambassador role for DryNites®.

I’m a DryNites ambassador!

DryNites ambassador

It seems like we have been potty or toilet training on & off for the last couple of years now. It felt like we started quite early with Jacob and it was only a few months ago that he decided to just go for it himself and get rid of his nappies during the day. He does still have the odd accident though and although he goes to the toilet right before bed, he will occasionally have an accident through the night too. This is completely normal though as at the age of four, 1 in 4 children do still wet the bed so he is not alone. In fact, bedwetting affects more than 900,000 children and young people in the UK.

I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Huggies to become a DryNites® ambassador! Throughout my ambassador role I will be taking you on a journey of ways to improve your child’s confidence at nighttime by using DryNites® pyjama pants, which will in turn hopefully improve your confidence too and help you lead your child to eventually have a dry nights sleep. Read more

Little House of Science – Classes for Curious Minds

Jacob is at that age now where it feels like he asks 500 questions a day, about anything and everything. He is such a curious little person, and with his brother wanting to do everything he does, he is closely following in his footsteps. We do a lot of learning activities and crafts at home but one thing we don’t really focus on is science.

Of course, we encounter science absolutely everywhere in our everyday lives and unless we start teaching our children about it from a young age, they just think things “work”. Obviously there is science behind how everything works but I must admit, science wasn’t my favourite subject at school and I have limited knowledge so I’m not the best equipped to teach my children about it. Read more

Colours Colours Everywhere | Book review

Colours Colours Everywhere review

As you can probably tell by now, we really love books in this house! Jacob is already familiar with his colours, whereas Noah is still learning about colours and objects so a book we were recently sent to review – Colours Colours Everywhere – fits the bill for both of these.

The Colours Colours Everywhere book itself is hardback, which I do prefer for my children as Noah especially, is a bit of a book ninja (I may have mentioned that before?). The book contains all of the primary colours and those in between, including black & white. Some of the pictures on the pages are also 3D and can be seen through almost every page of the book, making it good for sensory learning too as the child can feel the pictures as well as looking and learning. Read more

The Cloudosaurus Rex | Book review

The Cloudosaurus Rex

If you have been reading my blog recently you may have noticed that I have two little boys who are quite into dinosaurs at the moment. Add to that our love of books, and the fact that Jacob is currently loving learning about the outdoors, and The Cloudosaurus Rex is a book that we are finding great right now!

A fun rhyming action book, perfect for children aged 3 – 6 years who love to join in with the actions and the rhyming verse as they learn about other people’s feelings, the days of the week and the weather. Blurb: May, Adelle and Eddie go outside to play, but the weather keeps changing every day. They see a Cloudosaurus Rex, king of the sky: it’s he who decides if it’s wet or dry. You can learn the days of the week together, as the Cloudosaurus Rex changes the weather. Read more

Review – KidloLand nursery rhymes app

Kidloland nursery rhymes app

Now I don’t know about you but I have one of those children that likes to watch the weird nursery rhymes videos on YouTube (finger family, anyone?). I don’t mind it as some of them are educational, but YouTube isn’t wholly safe for children, especially if they are *ahem* left on their own with it while I have a cuppa. Or 50 winks. Or a shower. Anyway, you get the drift. So when I was asked if I would like to review a nursery rhymes app from KidloLand, I obliged as I thought Jacob would really like it. Turns out, the whole family like it… Read more

Noah at 1 year 10 months old

So a new year and it’s time for another Noah update; I suppose this year I should try and make a blogging resolution to actually keep up with them for both boys! I cannot believe he will be two this year; very soon, in fact!

He is really growing up into a proper little boy now and is becoming more and more like his brother every day, though I’m not sure if that’s a totally good thing or a totally bad thing; maybe just a mixture of the two. He definitely has an ultra fiery personality though, much worse than Jacob’s was at his age so I dread to think what the future will bring. I have no idea where he gets it from though… *Ahem*.

Though he is still chunky, he has ‘grown out’ a little now as clothes that were tight a few months ago are not so much now, though I have had to start digging out the next size up. Whenever I get weighed at home the boys have to do it too, so at his most recent weigh in he was almost 2.5 stone – monster! He is growing quick in height too, he is almost at J’s shoulder height – they both get that from Daddy.

He is at that really cheeky stage at the moment. You know, the one where they run away grinning when you are just about change their nappy; when you catch them in the act doing something they shouldn’t, complete with a cheeky grin; finding it funny to walk around with his hand down his nappy (he gets that one from his big brother!)…

He has started to really listen to instructions now too and knows where things are, where things go, what he should be doing. For example, when it’s bath time he runs into the living room and points up the stairs; when he is allowed a biscuit he runs to the fridge and points to the biscuit tub on top of it, and then when you tell him “Just one” he does just that; he knows he needs to brush his teeth after breakfast and at bed time… Just a shame he doesn’t understand “Tidy your toys up please.” 😉

Current favourites
Food – Biscuits (oops)
Drink – Weak squash
Toys – Toot-toot road
Books – The Gruffalo’s Child
TV – Surprise egg unboxing on YouTube…
New words
Ba (bath)
Dink (drink)

Craft tutorial – Egg box Christmas trees

We’ve been doing quite a few Christmas crafts this month – mainly stolen from Pinterest I will admit – but this one I just thought up when I bought some eggs in a green box. Egg box Christmas trees! (Obviously with a plain egg box they would need painting too). It does involve a little adult help for cutting the cones from the egg box and possibly putting the glue on them, but the sticking allows children to be creative with their trees and makes a very simple enjoyable activity. This is suitable for pre-schoolers and toddlers, as even Noah managed to sit through the whole craft and enjoy himself! They are a lovely decoration to put in a keepsake box, use for future Christmases, or give as gifts to family members or visitors.

Materials needed

  • an egg box
  • PVA glue
  • sequins
  • glitter paper
  • pom poms
  • Cut out cones from egg box and paint green if needed.
  • Dot glue about randomly on cones.
  • Stick on decorations.