Our July favourites | The foodie edition!

Well, July meant the beginning of the summer holidays for the boys, so we’ve been trying to have lots of fun! We’ve had a few days out, dog walks; but one thing we haven’t been doing is playing outside a lot. What is the weather all about this summer?! It’s bloody miserable, I think we’ve had rain on more days than not; we’ve not even had the paddling pool out yet, or the bouncy castle. Hopefully sometime before we go on holiday we’ll be able to, as we get back three days before the boys go back to school.

I’ve decided from now on, not to just limit our monthly favourites to five things in the round up post. I’ll just include as little or as many favourites as we’ve enjoyed. July is more of a foodie edition, as we had quite a few products for review last month, and had a great foodie (adult!) evening out.
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Winding down with Premier Estates wine | Review

Review - Premier Estates Wine

I never really used to be a wine drinker; always more of a cider or lager girl. That was, until the boys came along and I started to enjoy a glass of wine or two, to wind down in the evening. My go to choice would be a sweet rosé or a white, but I’ve become more accustomed to a glass of red nowadays. I do find it lasts longer, which is a good thing with me, as I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to wine. Ahem. Anyway, the lovely people at Premier Estates Wine sent me a few bottles of their bubbles to try earlier in the year.

Our range includes award winning Italian varietals and a selection of premium, multi-award-winning New World wines from Australia, California, Chile and South Africa. For those who like a little fizz in their life, we also have a range of multi-award-winning sparkling wines including our treble-award-winning Prosecco, Cava and Grand Rosé.

We research and find wines of quality, so that you don’t have to.

Right from the outset of the company, Premier Estates Wine has aimed to deliver award-winning-wines at everyday prices, and that’s exactly what we will continue to do. 
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Balsamic glazed MOR sausages with spicy spaghetti | Recipe

Balsamic glazed sausages

You may have read my recent review of premium MOR sausages and how much we loved them. I used two of the flavours on the barbecue, but I couldn’t decide what to do with the pork, super green veg and lentil ones. I wanted to do something that wouldn’t overpower them, but would also bring out the flavour just a little more. Instead of frying or grilling them, I decided to bake them; I think sausages are always much juicier and tender when baked.

Add some classic sweet shallots and balsamic vinegar to the fold, serve with spicy spaghetti, and you’re faced with a truly scrumptious dish.

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The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

The Buyer's Guide to Olive Oil

Many people I know, love using olive oil for dipping bread, perhaps with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Myself, I’m not so keen unless it’s a flavoured one (chilli, yum). I would have it if it came as part of a meal in a restaurant, but I wouldn’t usually buy it just for that purpose at home. I always have some in my cupboard for cooking with occasionally, but I never really think about what type I’m buying – I usually just buy whatever is on offer!

I didn’t realise the varieties were so different and better used for different things, until I read this infographic put together by Jamie’s Italian. The taste wheel is really interesting; I didn’t imagine there would be that many flavours in olive oil either!

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MOR premium sausages | Review

Review - MOR sausages

Sausages. I lose count of the amount of sausages we go through every month; especially the boys, they eat so many! The sausage hunt on Slimming World is a whole other story, as a really tasty juicy sausage will cost a lot of syns. If I want a bog standard sausage I will probably just use SW (or dare I say it, Weight Watchers) ones, but I don’t mind spending my syns on a more premium sausage sometimes.

The lovely people at MOR recently sent us some of their premium sausages to sample. Because they’re packed with nutritional veg they are also lower in fat – always a bonus on Slimming World!

MOR are everything you love about traditional sausages, but certainly not what you’d expect. By blending high-quality British meat with nutritious vegetables, fragrant herbs, and delicate spices, we’ve created sausages with unforgettable flavours inspired by foods from all over the world.
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