Foodie Penpals

I was recently introduced by my virtual buddy from Little Treasures, to a different type of penpal. Foodie penpals! I am known as quite a food lover amongst my Facebook and real life friends, and I love watching food porn, discovering new foods, cooking, and baking, so this appealed to me very much.

Foodie penpals is where a group of bloggers (even non bloggers can take part, so don’t be put off if you don’t blog) are paired randomly each month, and send a foodie parcel to their nominated receiver. Only one of the pair sends to the other, and you receive a parcel from a completely different person. So in fact, you have two pairings. The parcel can consist of home baked goods, local/unusual goods, or ingredients & a recipe for the recipient to try out for themselves. You have to include a hand written something too, so the recipe one could be a really lovely touch. The limit for the parcel is £10 (it is an upper limit, so you don’t actually have to spend that much. The parcels are sent by a certain date, and then when you receive your box, you blog about it! Or if your penpal isn’t a blogger, they write a guest post on your blog. 

This month I am paired with sending a parcel to a lady who is vegan, so that is going to be quite a challenge to me as I’ve never been faced with cooking, baking, or sourcing vegan products before, but I’m looking forward to it!

Here is the link to the ‘leader’ of the UK foodie penpals, if you are interested – Rock Salt.

I’m looking forward to receiving my parcel and blogging about it too!

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