Rocky road brownies | Recipe

Rocky road brownies recipe

Brownies are one of my favourite cakey treats, but I do also love some rocky road. What’s not to love about chocolate, biscuits, cherries, and marshmallows? Yum! So when Wyke Farms sent me some of their butter to try, I knew just the recipe I had in mind – these rocky road brownies. They have the gooeyness (is that even a word? It is now) of a brownie but with the crunch of biscuit too, then the obligatory cherry and marshmallow. As the biscuit is baked within the mixture, it smells divinely caramelised just out of the oven too! Read more

June Degustabox | Subscription box review

June Degustabox review

Ever since I heard of Degustabox some time last year, I have been dying to try one. I mean, who doesn’t love a surprise box of food delivered to their door, once a month, for a cost less than you would pay in the shops? In a Degustabox you will receive 10-15 products, some of which are new to the market so you will be one of the first to try them, and you may even find something new that you love!

I have to admit, I almost jumped for joy when I was asked if I would like to try the Degustabox for June! The offer of food tends to do that to me; anyway… When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The contents of the June Degustabox were:

June Degustabox contents Read more

Quick & easy pesto pasta | Recipe

Quick and easy pesto pasta - NSIWE

Pasta is a favourite dish in our house and I love it served in so many ways – you can find some more of my pasta recipes here. This pesto pasta is super quick & easy; you could say a bit lazy too as there is no need to whip up your own pesto either… But it makes it perfect for those days where you’re in a rush or you just can’t be bothered to stand over the stove for a long time!

You can of course add whatever veg you like, or even change the chicken for something else, but quite simply this dish uses just five basic ingredients. The pesto is the main flavour here though so you don’t want anything too overpowering. Read more

Cheesy bacon risotto | Recipe (Slimming World friendly)

Cheesy bacon Slimming World risotto

I love the fact that on the Slimming World plan I can eat as big a portion of risotto as I like and not have to worry about the calories in the rice, though it is really filling so you don’t need much anyway! Though the only meat in this Slimming World risotto is bacon, it still tastes really meaty due to the stock, and you could chuck in even more speed veg to make it extra weight loss fueled! The cheese adds an extra dimension of flavour. This one could be made into a veggie version if you omit the bacon and use vegetable stock. If you use the Primula as your Healthy Extra A, it is completely syn free too*. Thumbs up! Read more

Easy Paw Patrol biscuits | Kids recipe

Paw Patrol biscuits

Do you have a Paw Patrol fan in your house? We do, both boys are obsessed with it and must watch it at least once a day; if it’s not watching it, then it’s playing with their Paw Patrol toys. They also love biscuits. And they also love making a mess helping in the kitchen, so the other day we quickly made these Paw Patrol biscuits (animal footprint biscuits really, disguised as Paw Patrol, because that makes it more fun!).

There are only 3 ingredients and you don’t really need to do much, though an adult should melt the chocolate of course. For those that have a fear of mess in the kitchen (ahem), this is pretty mess free too (unless your 2 year old decides to dip his fingers in the chocolate and smear it on his face). We made 8 biscuits, but you can make as many as you like of course – they would be great for a Paw Patrol themed party! Read more