Spring garden inspiration | Wish list

Spring garden inspiration with Fishpools

April is here, spring is upon us, which means lots of long days spent in the garden are ahead. With Jacob being at school now, and Noah now going to nursery for three mornings a week, I will also have the garden all to myself for a few hours a week – heaven! Well, I will be sharing it with a dog now, also…

We moved into this house one and a half years ago, and have done quite a bit of work on the garden already; but, we still don’t have it near where we want it. I know we will get there eventually though, and I hope we can put some work into it this summer, so it is all ready for us to enjoy completely next year! Read more

Lekto Woodfuels | Review

Lekto Woodfuels review

Now winter is well and truly here, I’m finding that I am needing the heating on pretty much all day. But as I mentioned in this post, we have a solid fuel boiler which means lots of wood and coal is needed for the next few months!

We do have lots of trees that need cutting down, that we can use; but then they need drying out and that takes a long time. We also have lots ‘lying around’ that my father in law left behind  (that’s a whole other story), but this involves chopping too, so it ends up being lots of hard work!

Purchasing from Lekto Woodfuels takes away all of that hard work; the wood fuel is delivered so you can put it on your fire or stove immediately.

Read more

#IWouldMiss | The reality of living in the sticks!

We’ve been living in the countryside for over a year now. It did take me a while to be persuaded to move, as I’ve always been a town girl and lived the ‘easy’ life. The thought of a peaceful life and fresh air was an obvious attraction, but there were negatives I considered too. In the end, it was kind of fate and sad circumstances that swayed our decision to move to the countryside, but I’m glad I changed my mind now as it’s one of the best I have ever made. Read more

A Garden Makeover and Growing Our Own

Garden makeover

When we moved into our new (to us) home last September we knew we had a lot of work to do, both in the house and with the land outside. We inherited a lot of land (including two gardens and another large grassed area), but unfortunately came a lot of junk too which we are still trying to clear – I imagine we will still be doing that this time next year! The main thing I wanted to sort out though was the back garden, as the back door is the one we use most so it is a focal point, and it’s where we relax and the boys play so it was important to me to get it looking nice and have a garden makeover.

It was a bit of a mess but we are slowly getting there. As I have never had my own garden to look after and make pretty, it took me a while to find my green fingers, but they have appeared and I am loving it now! I love going to the garden centre for plants, and we have started growing fruit and vegetables too. Though, that is only in containers and a mini greenhouse at the moment as we still have a little area to sort out for growing more veg.  Read more

Living the country life | Feeding, watching, and discovering birds

As we used to live in a flat with only a small courtyard, we didn’t really get any wildlife but the boys used to love helping to feed the birds when they visited Nanna. When we moved, we promised Jacob that we would buy him a bird feeding station and then feeding the birds could be a regular job for him. Of course, we followed up on our promise and we bought a multi bird feeder which was ready for him one day when he came home from nursery.

Our usual supply of food for the birds consists of seeds, high energy nuts, fat balls, and meal worms – which actually smell awful but the birds seem to like them! I really don’t like touching them so that one is totally down to the boys. When it’s bird feeding time we all take a different food and then it’s time to fill up!

We tend to only half fill the nuts and seeds so they are always fresh but now it’s winter the birds are filling up, so we completely fill up too and almost everything is gone the next day! We have a routine of seeds, nuts (both of which the boys put a handful each and then I top up), fat balls (we all put in one each), and meal worms – two handfuls each from the boys!

I’m pretty sure the birds know when their food is coming as we can hear them chirping (the regulars obviously letting their bird friends know) and as soon as we go inside they always flock to the feeder! Our most common birds are sparrows, we get the occasional magpie too who seem to really like fat balls and meal worms. They will stand there for ages just eating and guarding the food; it’s really fascinating to watch actually.

Do you have a bird feeding station in your garden?